Riddle #468


Black snake crossing the road

In a jungle where there is no streets lights or any other artificial source of lights, I notice a black snake crossing the road. How did I get sight of snake ?
It's a day time.
91.77 %
30 votes

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A bird

What bird can lift the most?
A crane.
92.46 %
33 votes


Lucky Sona

Lucky Sona fell off a 100 steps staircase without getting hurt! How?
She fell off the last step.
93.05 %
36 votes


All pair up

Brothers, all pair up; Bodies firm and tall. You only care to eat the solid food, And don’t care to eat the soup.
93.22 %
37 votes


Keep it

Even if you give this to someone else, you still get to keep it. What is it?
Your word.
93.84 %
41 votes